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Extra 30% OFF Tefal CNY Cookware Coupon (to 10th Jul 2018)
Lazada Promo Code - RM10 Off Triumph Coupon (to 21st Jun 2018)
Voucher Code - RM10 Off GTE Products! Coupon (to 21st Jun 2018)
Promo Code - RM46 Off Redmi 5 Series Coupon (to 6th Apr 2018)
RM30 Savings On Alpha Living Store Coupon (to 31st Mar 2018)
Pay RM7 Less For Harpic Home Cleaners Coupon (to 31st Mar 2018)
Kitchen & Dining Voucher Worth 15% OFF Coupon (to 27th Mar 2018)
Extra 20% OFF Big Pharmacy Store Coupon (to 26th Mar 2018)
Pay RM25 Less For Optimum Nutrition Coupon (to 26th Mar 2018)
Extra 15% OFF Pet Food By PEDIGREE Coupon (to 25th Mar 2018)
Extra 15% OFF Mens Clothing By Dockers Coupon (to 23rd Mar 2018)
Extra 12% OFF Pet Food & Accessories Coupon (to 23rd Mar 2018)
Pay RM20 Less For Perfumes By Travalo Coupon (to 19th Mar 2018)
Pay 5% Less For Seagate Hard Drives Coupon (to 16th Mar 2018)
Save RM20 On Hetch Home Appliances Coupon (to 15th Mar 2018)
Pay RM8 Less For Dettol Products Coupon (to 28th Feb 2018)
Flat RM28 OFF Kinohimitsu Storewide Coupon (to 28th Feb 2018)
Pay RM8 Less For Pantene Products Coupon (to 28th Feb 2018)
Extra 18% OFF ANGPOW Beauty Treats Coupon (to 18th Feb 2018)
10% OFF With Electronic Devices Voucher Coupon (to 14th Feb 2018)
Extra 12% OFF Womens Valentines Dresses Coupon (to 14th Feb 2018)
Dettol Products - With Extra RM8 OFF Coupon (to 9th Feb 2018)
Save 12% More On All Pet Supplies Coupon (to 5th Feb 2018)
Promo Code - Extra 20% Off Groceries Coupon (to 5th Feb 2018)
Save Flat RM30 On Hetch Home Products Coupon (to 5th Feb 2018)
Promo Code - Extra RM20 Off Daphne Coupon (to 5th Feb 2018)
Save RM20 More On Tesco Food Coupon (to 5th Feb 2018)
Storewide 10% Off Kristall Now Coupon (to 5th Feb 2018)
Maxis Users - Extra 15% Off Storewide Coupon (to 5th Feb 2018)
Get 20% OFF Lazada Supermart Coupon (to 5th Jan 2018)
Microsoft Modern PC - Up To RM200 OFF Coupon (to 31st Dec 2017)
Shop With Lazada App. & Save 12% More Coupon (to 31st Dec 2017)
Lifree Official Store At RM2 OFF Coupon (to 29th Dec 2017)
New User Deal - Extra 12% OFF Coupon (to 25th Dec 2017)
RM10 OFF Case Valker Travel Luggage Coupon (to 19th Dec 2017)
Extra RM15 OFF Dresses For Women Coupon (to 18th Dec 2017)
Levis Fashion - Extra 15% OFF Coupon (to 15th Dec 2017)
Whiskas Cat Food At Extra 20% OFF Coupon (to 15th Dec 2017)
RM5 OFF Milk Formula From Dutch Lady Coupon (to 15th Dec 2017)
12.12 Sale - 15% Off Nivea Products Coupon (to 14th Dec 2017)
12.12 Sale - Extra 30% Off Tefal Coupon (to 14th Dec 2017)
12.12 Sale - 15% Off Sandisk Coupon (to 14th Dec 2017)
Selected Television At RM700 OFF Coupon (to 14th Dec 2017)
12.12 Sale - RM20 Off Eucerin at Lazada Coupon (to 14th Dec 2017)
Flat 40% OFF Senheng Selected Products Coupon (to 14th Dec 2017)
Extra 20% OFF Whiskas Official Store Coupon (to 14th Dec 2017)
12.12 Sale - Extra RM18 Off Unilever Coupon (to 14th Dec 2017)
Save RM2000 On Premium Television Coupon (to 14th Dec 2017)
12.12 Sale - 15% Off Drypers at Lazada Coupon (to 14th Dec 2017)
12.12 Sale - RM20 Off Aveda Coupon (to 14th Dec 2017)
12.12 Sale - 15% Off Philips Products Coupon (to 14th Dec 2017)
Deal For You! Extra 13% OFF Coupon (to 14th Dec 2017)
Tesco Sitewide Deal - Extra 12% OFF Coupon (to 11th Dec 2017)
Extra RM60 OFF Coupon (to 4th Dec 2017)
Extra RM5 OFF All Nestle Items Coupon (to 30th Nov 2017)
Extra RM15 Savings On RB Official Store Coupon (to 30th Nov 2017)
Habibs Jewellery - Extra 20% OFF Coupon (to 30th Nov 2017)
Tesco Nestle Special Extra RM5 OFF Coupon (to 30th Nov 2017)
Extra 15% OFF Home Appliances From Trio Coupon (to 30th Nov 2017)
All Abbott Items With RM50 OFF Coupon (to 30th Nov 2017)
Extra 25% OFF Lazo Diamond Jewellery Coupon (to 30th Nov 2017)
Extra 20% OFF Maternal Care Products Coupon (to 27th Nov 2017)
Extra 25% OFF Korean Health & Beauty Coupon (to 24th Nov 2017)
Carlo Rino Fashion - Extra RM30 OFF Coupon (to 17th Nov 2017)
Mr. Muscle Products At Extra RM10 OFF Coupon (to 31st Oct 2017)
Extra 10% OFF Watches From Ice-Watch Coupon (to 31st Oct 2017)
Extra 10% OFF All Jewelry Collection Coupon (to 22nd Oct 2017)
Voucher Code - RM20 Off Your Purchase! Coupon (to 21st Oct 2017)
Extra 15% Off With Lazada App! Coupon (to 15th Oct 2017)
Promo Code - Up to 46% Off Leapfrog! Coupon (to 13th Oct 2017)
Elite 10% OFF Selected Asus Products Coupon (to 13th Oct 2017)
RM20 OFF Tesco Enfagrow Health Food Coupon (to 30th Sep 2017)
All Products At Unilever Store 20% OFF Coupon (to 30th Sep 2017)
Tesco Nescafe Items At Extra RM5 OFF Coupon (to 30th Sep 2017)
Laptops From Top Brands Extra RM100 OFF Coupon (to 30th Sep 2017)
Pay 10% Less At Warehouse Sale Coupon (to 30th Sep 2017)
Experience 4K TV With Extra RM500 OFF Coupon (to 30th Sep 2017)
Extra 20% OFF Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Coupon (to 21st Sep 2017)
Recharge Your Mobile With Extra 5% OFF Coupon (to 21st Sep 2017)
Save 20% More On Olive Young Products Coupon (to 20th Sep 2017)
30% OFF Jabra Mini Bluetooth Headset Coupon (to 11th Sep 2017)
25% OFF Jabra SPORT COACH Earbuds Coupon (to 11th Sep 2017)
Selected MSI Nootbook With RM900 OFF Coupon (to 11th Sep 2017)
Flat 20% OFF Seagate Hard Drive Coupon (to 11th Sep 2017)
Voucher Code - RM50 Off Florasun! Coupon (to 5th Sep 2017)
Voucher Code - 10% Off The Big Home! Coupon (to 31st Aug 2017)
Voucher Code - 30% Off Eucerin! Coupon (to 31st Aug 2017)
Voucher Code - RM7 Off Durex! Coupon (to 31st Aug 2017)
Save RM400 On Panasonic Cameras Coupon (to 31st Aug 2017)
Voucher Code - 18% Off Nivea Cosmetics! Coupon (to 31st Aug 2017)
Elite 20% OFF Lazada Bank Deal Coupon (to 31st Aug 2017)
Promotions With More Than 5000 Gifts Coupon (to 31st Aug 2017)
Voucher Code - 10% Off Tefal! Coupon (to 31st Aug 2017)
Voucher Code - 10% Off The Plus! Coupon (to 31st Aug 2017)
Voucher Code - 15% Off Colgate! Coupon (to 31st Aug 2017)
Voucher Code - RM15 Off Sleek Make-Up! Coupon (to 28th Aug 2017)
Love Malaysia, Get 15% OFF Coupon (to 20th Aug 2017)
Senheng Electronics With 15% More OFF! Coupon (to 18th Aug 2017)
Electronics From Senheng Extra 10% OFF Coupon (to 18th Aug 2017)
Use Lazada Voucher Code For RM20 OFF Coupon (to 18th Aug 2017)
Voucher Code - 15% Off Levi's fashion! Coupon (to 15th Aug 2017)
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Special 15% OFF For New Cutomer Coupon (to 3rd Aug 2017)
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RM10 Off Canon Voucher Code Coupon (to 31st Jul 2017)
RM10 Off Tesco Voucher Coupon (to 31st Jul 2017)
10% OFF Voucher For Fitti Gold Diapers Coupon (to 31st Jul 2017)
Extra 10% OFF Senheng Official Store Coupon (to 31st Jul 2017)
Elite 15% OFF Senheng Official Store Coupon (to 31st Jul 2017)
Good Food From Nestle With RM6 Discount Coupon (to 31st Jul 2017)
Healthy Food From Nestle With RM15 OFF Coupon (to 31st Jul 2017)
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Extra 10% OFF Electronic Bazar Coupon (to 31st Jul 2017)
UP TO RM300 OFF ACER Official Store Coupon (to 31st Jul 2017)
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RM60 Discount HP Site-Wide Discount Coupon (to 21st Jul 2017)
Elite RM250 OFF Courts Official Store Coupon (to 29th Jun 2017)
Buy Surface Pro 4 With RM430 Discount Coupon (to 29th Jun 2017)
Save RM480 On Latest Surface Pro Coupon (to 29th Jun 2017)
Surface 4 Pro With RM160 OFF Coupon (to 29th Jun 2017)
RM20 OFF Every Monday With CIMB Card Coupon (to 29th Jun 2017)


3rd Feb2019: Fuhhh goosebumps. #ajl33 Power siti sarah.
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30th Jan2019: Disebabkan banyak permintaan seluruh Malaysia, kami sedang cuba untuk yakinkan kedai ni jual di Lazada juga. Doakan…
29th Jan2019: Guna la RoZada.
24th Jan2019: Bila kau nak kahwin, tapi kiteorg buat sale.
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14th Jan2019: LAZADA "Slash" The Leng Chai! CNY 2019: via @YouTube
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19th Dec2018: 😂 Confident tu penting.
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12th Dec2018: 12.12 Super Livestream x Midea: via @YouTube
12th Dec2018: 12.12 Super Livestream x Sharp: via @YouTube
12th Dec2018: 12.12 Super Livestream x Nivea: via @YouTube
12th Dec2018: I liked a @YouTube video 12.12 Super Livestream x Nivea
12th Dec2018: 12.12 Super Livestream x Nivea: via @YouTube
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8th Dec2018: 12.12 Super Livestream x Fitjab: via @YouTube
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29th Nov2018: Lagi banyak kawan korang ada, lagi banyak boleh dapat bila rekemen Lazada kat diorg! 😃 Cepat rekemen weh >…
29th Nov2018: From all you need in your house to a TV to a car. Now you can get a house of your own on Lazada, together with Mah…
28th Nov2018: “There’s a big focus on helping young buyers to buy a home. Affordability and accessibility are our focus. The same…
28th Nov2018: “We are making new records. We are making the impossible possible. With 12.12, we want to bring more surprise to th…
28th Nov2018: “You can start to preview Mah Sing’s houses on the Lazada app now! Check them out and add to your cart and check ou…
28th Nov2018: I added a video to a @YouTube playlist LAZADA Seller Conference 2018
27th Nov2018: Lazzie! Is that a door? What are you trying to say!?
25th Nov2018: Pssstttt... Lazzie! What are you doing?!
22nd Nov2018: I liked a @YouTube video LAZADA Black Friday/ Cyber Monday and BIG Baby Fair
11th Nov2018: How many milo dinosaur would you make with 2.7 TONNE of milo? 😮 Looks like a lot of people will become sihat dan k…
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10th Nov2018: Lazada Malaysia Live Stream: via @YouTube
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10th Nov2018: "Ini buat anda yang masih mencari cinta." Chakra Khan Mana yang selalu tweet mention Lazada tanya ada jual boyfren…
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10th Nov2018: That last pose. 🤣
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8th Nov2018: “Malaysia has already high internet access and digital payment, with private consumption expected to increase in th…
8th Nov2018: “Southeast Asia will be the fastest growing region in 2018-22... Every household income in Malaysia will almost be…
8th Nov2018: “When I see the sellers we have, I’m so proud and amazed by them. On the waves they are making to push the growth o…
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3rd Nov2018: Dah ready tak untuk tengok KARD 1st time in Malaysia di LAZADA 11.11 Super Show! Kalau tak ada tiket, boleh downl…
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29th Oct2018: I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Lazada 11.11 Super Show #MYLazada1111
29th Oct2018: I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Lazada 11.11 Super Show #MYLazada1111
29th Oct2018: Are you ready for the biggest one day sale? So many celebrities are coming to the LAZADA 11.11 Super Show! KARD & C…
29th Oct2018: “More and more Malaysians are embracing the idea of shopping online.” - Andrew Gnananantham, Chief Marketing Offic…
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16th Oct2018: I added a video to a @YouTube playlist #EveryoneCanSell Episode 2 - It never sleeps
15th Oct2018: Sorry not sorry. 🙊
14th Oct2018: Hiiii guys! Let’s race. Which car will be the fastest?
12th Oct2018: Bila ketentuan Tuhan tak sama seperti yang di rancang, Lazada tetap cuba yang terbaik dengan menyediakan refund seg…
11th Oct2018: Nak RM60 dari Lazada? Ini adalah bebenang.
1st Oct2018: Gemoknya meow tu 🙀😹
1st Oct2018: Final Storewide 40% Off Voucher! Last chance to shop on our 50% off deals, Anzalna Beauty Box, Bundles deals & more…
29th Sep2018: 28 jam lagi @GreenDay. Dah ready tak?
27th Sep2018: 🔥🔥🔥Lambat tinggal gais🔥🔥🔥 Design lain ada lagi tapiii tinggal sikit. 😎
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27th Sep2018: Mana yang order flash sale tengah malam tadi, tengah otw jap. #lazshopathon279
27th Sep2018: Nak dapat barang lagi murah masa #lazshopathon279 ni? Ini adalah bebenang.
26th Sep2018: Wow! 1AM and the 2 of the 10 cents deals are sold out!! Hurry up as we still have many more to come on #SlashIt…
26th Sep2018: How to be different by Timothy Tiah from COLONY.
26th Sep2018: #LazShopathon279 #ShakeShake "“📱”" 9:00 AM / 12:00 PM / 3:00 PM / 6:00 PM / 9:00 PM
26th Sep2018: Dare to be different by Christy Ng.
26th Sep2018: "Lagi banyak hang blajaq la ni, lagi banyak hang dapat esok lusa." Christophe Lejune, CEO of Lazada MY.
25th Sep2018: They said Lazada sellers is the best sellers in Southeast Asia! Let’s be part of us. Join our seller community NOW!…
25th Sep2018: Lazada offers the best selling tools and platform for you to grow business effortlessly and easily. Right now, we a…
22nd Sep2018: Kami ada jual payung dan baju hujan. Awak taknak ke? Tak la basah kuyup lagi.
22nd Sep2018: Halo pulis, ada orang minum air panas guna straw. Tangkap dia pulis.
22nd Sep2018: 😂 adoi boleh pulak dia helo pulis
17th Sep2018: Welcome bro.
16th Sep2018: Bila kau ajak-ajak ayam cikedis kau kat member, lepas tu dia tanya ada lagi tak lepas dia perabih semua.
16th Sep2018: 🇲🇾 ll ll ll ll ll ll Selamat Hari Malaysia semua. 👲🏻🧕🏼👱🏽‍♂️👳🏿‍♂️🧔🏾
16th Sep2018: Kami ada banyak sebenarnya kerja kosong. Website Lazada > scroll bawah skali > Career. Dah kerja kat Lazada, boleh…
15th Sep2018:
15th Sep2018: Bila dapat duit raya tapi tuan rumah guna sampul tak lawa.
15th Sep2018: Dah try cari kat Taobao Collection? Rasa mcm pernah nampak yang hampir similar mcm ni.
15th Sep2018: K.
12th Sep2018: Thank you all who voted and helped Lazzie to win the race! Follow us on FB/TW/IG for more epic shopping, tweet and…
10th Sep2018: 🧔: Banyak barang sampai ni. 🧒: Lazada papa.
10th Sep2018: Yekeni. 🤔 padahaaaaal 😋 Cuba dm nombor telefon nak tengok? 👀
10th Sep2018: Pekena sizzling mee memalam sejuk2 ni uishhh 😋
8th Sep2018: Sejam lebih je lagi! Add to cart sekarang dan siap sedia nak beli belah untuk LAZADA 9.9 SALE! LazMall is official…
8th Sep2018: No YOU, no Mi! Thank you everyone! 😘
6th Sep2018: Maaf kami tak jual laki yang kumpul notification sampai beribu tu. 😑
6th Sep2018: 😂
6th Sep2018: Kasut basah is the worst. Sepanjang hari tak selesa selagi tak tukar stokin yang kering. *Cari shoe cover* *Add to…
6th Sep2018: Sape nak Slash It tapi takde kawan, tweet link pastu letak #tolongSlashplease. Nanti mimin tolong RT ok. #allieverwantedMY
6th Sep2018: 9.9 LazMall Launch: via @YouTube
6th Sep2018: 😭😭😭 Tak sempat nak Slash It. #AlliEverWantedMY


6th Sep2018: 9.9 LazMall Launch
18th May2018: Lazada Chat Now
27th Apr2018: Lazada TV DJI
27th Apr2018: KENJE SURPRISE
30th Mar2018: VICHY
29th Nov2017: Dua Belas Dua Belas?!
29th Nov2017: Twelve Twelve?!
4th Nov2017: Sebelas Sebelas?
4th Nov2017: Eleven Eleven?
3rd Nov2017: Sebelas Sebelas!
15th Aug2017: Are We The Same?

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